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When launching a new field of KRM software, inevitably some questions arise. Here are some common ones and our answers. But if you have others, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!


Knowledge Relationship Management

What Does CoBaseKRM Stand for?

What is CoBaseKRM Cloud?

What is CoBaseKRM Enterprise?

How can CoBaseKRM Help my Researchers & Engineers?

Is my team too small to use CoBaseKRM Cloud? or CoBaseKRM On Premises?

Does CoBaseKRM work on Mobile?

How secure is my data in CoBaseKRM Cloud?

Does Microsoft have access to my data?

How Secure is my Data In CoBaseKRM On Premises?


Pricing and Editions

How Much Does CoBaseKRM Cloud Cost?

How Much Does CoBaseKRM Enterprise Cost On Premises?

Which Tier of CoBaseKRM is right for my business?


Deployment, Implementation, and Intergration

Can CoBaseKRM Be Integrated with ELN or LIMS systems?

Implementing CoBaseKRM Cloud?

Are There Integration Partners On Cloud?

How Long is On CoBaseKRM On Cloud setup process?

What Support is Available to Help to Get CoBaseKRM On Cloud Up and Running?

Implementing CoBaseKRM On Premises?

How Do I get Started Implementing CoBaseKRM On Premises?

How long is CoBaseKRM On Premises Setup Process?

What Support is Available to Help Get CoBaseKRM On Premises Up and Running?

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Try CoBaseKRM for Free.

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